daydreamers ENTER MIDNIGHT
  • I’m sorry. I don’t do one night stands.
    I need love and care and feelings to bare myself to anyone. For it’s not just my body is my soul I share… It’s not sex, it’s love I make.
    ~ Anna Roig / middleofthenightdaydreams
  • Take me to the other side of the moon
    where no blue songs are sung
    and no lovers pledge their love to it

    Take me to the other side of the moon
    the one that’s oblivious to this world
    and cares for no grief because it knows nothing of it

    Take me there or anywhere uncharted
    one unbeknown to to heartbreak
    one whose flowers have never been watered with tears

    This feeling is so new and fresh
    just humor me and play my game
    let’s pretend we just invented love

    Maybe there, where there’s just you and me
    love is a garden that blooms year round
    Maybe there, in our alternate time and space
    new love always thrives and never forgets

    Take me to the other side of the moon
    and maybe there our hearts will be free
    to light up our world, unashamed, unbound, untainted.

  • Let me cup your heart in my hands 

    and let my heart sing sweet lullabies to your aches 

    let me show you how love truly is 

    and it’s not what they made you believe 

    Yes, many horrors have been made 

    in the name of love 

    but love is generous and kind 

    and giving and caring and free 

    Let me embrace your soul like a warm blanket 

    one you’ll be able to keep for your cold nights

    Let the memory of my kisses 

    overpower those gray ones 

    Let me love you. 

  • Deep in the black of the night I still think of you. I have 4am conversations with my heart and make pretend drunk calls to you. I’m not sorry you’re not here anymore, I’m sorry I still miss you.
    ~ Anna Roig / middleofthenightdaydreams
  • If life gives you lemons, fuck the lemonade, make an amazing lemon cheese cake!
    ~ Moi 
  • Sometimes it’s best to leave stories unfinished, circles whose ends never close… that way we can still wonder, deep in the dark of the night, what could have happened, or maybe it will just finally let us sleep.
    ~ Anna Roig / middleofthenightdaydreams
  • What good is it 

    that your memory is perfect 

    so fucking bright and clean 

    if I’ve cleaned it with the salt 

    from the tears my heart shed. 

    How bad can it be 

    that he’s no prince charming 

    and maybe he offers a bit less 

    that what I’d sell myself for 

    but still, his kisses are true. 

    And he’s here. 

    And you’re not. 

    And I honestly don’t know

    where my heart is. 

  • Sometimes taking matters to the extreme is the only way to find a start line.
    ~ Anna Roig / middleofthenightdaydreams
  • Never Again life said, but the heart just cannot understand what it means.
    ~ Anna Roig

    (Source: middleofthenightdaydreams)

  • Here’s to secret lovers and paramours, to unrequited passions and skin-melting lust. Here’s to all things forbidden, for with love, it is all the more delectable when it’s seasoned with want.
    ~ Anna Roig

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