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  • Ahhh my dear Jason… I <3 U

    Ahhh my dear Jason… I <3 U


  • I finally made peace 

    with your disappearance 

    by writing a letter 

    to you 

    Like you were still here 

    like you’d eventually read it 

    like you’d still care enough 

    to know what I felt 

    And you never got it 

    and I still felt better 

    and you’ll never read it 

    and it will forever stay with me 

    The irony of it all 

    makes me smile ironically 

    that what would help me heal 

    relied on the fact 

    that I assumed you’d still care 

    So now you’re out of my mind 

    you don’t haunt me 24/7 

    you were reduced to an unsent letter 

    that I force-fed to myself 

    only to be able to say 


  • Yay!!!! I’m so so so so very excited, I’m just a few followers away from hitting the 1300 milestone! 

    Please don’t think I’m bragging, au contraire, I can’t really believe that I’ve gotten this far… That these nonsensical words, that almost most of the time come from a drunk-from-love heart can make even just one person to want to see more or that they might resonate in someone else’s soul. 

    For that, I am truly humbled and thankful. 

    So thank you for sharing this adventure with me, for laughing and crying with me and mainly, for keeping up with me. This toast is for you! 



  • The only way to let go I’ve found is to hold on tightly to those beloved memories until it hurts no more, until it doesn’t feel like a loss, until they warm you up again. Only when your heart is cozy can you find the strength to stop hurting.
    ~ Anna Roig 
  • You’ll watch me play and get burned for love
    but you’ll never see me become someone else
    I love with what I am, I love with who I am
    And that’s the best gift I’ll ever offer to you.
    ~ Anna Roig
  • There’s this thing that I can’t quite shake off. Sometimes it fills me with me with joy, sometimes it can bring me to tears. Ahh, “memories”, you keep building up the secret stash of rainbows in my soul.
    ~ Anna Roig
  • *selfie of my soul*

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  • I willingly wish to stay innocent 

    so as to believe in the monsters under my bed 

    but never to understand the 9 o clock news 

    isn’t just one bad horror movie

  • Your lips promise 

    the exploration of nether lands

    and just so you know 

    there’s a hidden treasure 

  • The thing with wildlings is that we’re attracted to their raw beauty, their untamed heart, their burning eyes and their souls… so free that make ours ache, when we painfully understand we were once one of them but we let society tame our spirit.
    ~ Anna Roig, trying to get in touch with my inner wildling again. 

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